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Our Story

Stay grounded,

and always hungry.

Grit is our determination, our will to keep grinding, by staying hungry, and never being satisfied. While we do stop and admire our path to this greatness, and celebrate our small successes, we mostly stay moving. Life will always be throwing obstacles our direction, it is how we handle them, how we learn from our mistakes, how we take that knowledge and improve ourselves that ultimately determines our level of Grit.

Grit Caldwell Idaho Restaraunt and Bar

Our commitment

to community.

We promise to use only the freshest ingredients from locally sourced ranches, farms, and wineries while continually striving to better our community by building a strong relationship with the the city of Caldwell and its residents based upon our shared values. 


Our investment in Caldwell isn’t just professional or temporary, we are making our new home in this community, and adore our new neighbors. The positive support we have received thus far has been nothing short of astonishing.  So, to our new friends, we promise to keep providing quality food, delicious drinks, and good company for years to come.  Cheers!

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